Scholarship for Monash University 2023/2024 (Fully Funded)

Scholarship for Monash University 2023/2024 (Fully Funded)
Scholarship for Monash University 2023/2024 (Fully Funded)
Students from other countries are encouraged to submit their applications for the Monash University Scholarship 2023–2024. This award is open to candidates seeking master’s and doctoral degrees in fields connected to research. This scholarship provides the recipient with a living allowance of $35,600 per year, a relocation fee of $550, and a research allowance of $1,500 per year.

A student who is attending Monash University may be eligible for financial assistance with their cost of living through the Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship (MSJS).

Scholarships offered by Monash University honor outstanding achievement and provide financial assistance to help students pursue their educational objectives. We are searching for students who have a positive attitude, are curious, and want to make a difference in the world.

Scholarships are available through the Research Training Program (RTP) of the Australian government for both Australian and international students who are interested in pursuing research-based masters and doctorate degrees. The selection process for Monash scholarships is extremely tough, and candidates are evaluated based on their academic record, any published research, and previous experience conducting research.

In addition to a graduate research school in Mumbai, India, and a graduate school in Suzhou, China, the Monash University campus also features a research and teaching center in Prato, Italy. South Africa is one of the additional countries at where students have the opportunity to take courses offered by Monash University.

APPLY FOR: Program for Joint Graduate Scholarships with the World Bank in 2023/2024


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Monash University Scholarship Summary

  • Monash University is the location of the student’s masters and doctoral degrees.

    Attend classes in Australia

    Opportunity: The complete list of programs that are offered can be found by clicking HERE.

    Program Period: Scholarships are offered for the duration of a student’s regular course of study.

    Deadline: See deadlines below

Monash University Scholarship Deadlines

The following is a list of the application requirements and deadlines for the Monash Silver Jubilee Scholarship:

  • 31 of October (annual)

The following information is provided regarding the application dates for the Research Training Program and the Monash Graduate scholarship:

  • The INTERNATIONAL (Round 1) competition starts on September 1 and runs through March 31.
  • The second round of the DOMESTIC competition begins on November 1 and runs through May 31.
  • The third round of the International Competition begins on April 1 and continues through August 31.
  • Round 4 of the DOMESTIC competition begins on June 1 and runs until October 31.

Scholarship Opportunities Available at Monash University Coverage

The winner of a Monash University Scholarship receives a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Scholarship in Honor of Monash University’s Silver Jubilee:
  • Allowance for living expenses each year is $36,200.
  • The allowance for moving costs is $550.
  • A research allowance of $1,500 will be provided annually.
  • Research Training Program at Monash University:
  • Allowance for living expenses each year is $30,000.
  • The allowance for moving will be $1,500.

Monash Research Training Program:

    • Allowance for living expenses each year is $30,000.
    • The allowance for moving will be $1,500.

    Criteria for Eligibility to Receive a Scholarship from Monash University in 2023

    Candidates must satisfy each of the following requirements in order to be considered for a scholarship from Monash University:

    Language Prerequisites: English

    The qualifications for the General category of the English Language Test are as follows: a score of 79 or higher and an overall score of 6.5 on the IELTS.

    Things required for the English Language Test for Arts, Business, and Economics include a score of 7 overall (no band less than 6.5) on the IELTS and a score of 94 or above.

    Eligible Countries: Every nation in the globe

    • A student coming from outside the United States.
    • Having an Origin or being resident of New Zealand.
    • A citizen or resident of Australia.
    • Australian permanent resident.
    • Visa holder for Australia’s humanitarian program.
    • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field that requires at least four years of full-time study, and which generally includes a research component in the fourth year, resulting to either a degree 1 or 2A in that field.
    • A course that leads to a level that is rated as equivalent to an honors 1 or 2A in the relevant discipline by the appropriate department, faculty, and committee;
    • A master’s degree that requires work, generally involving a large research component, including at least 25% of one full time equivalent year of work, including a thesis. This type of master’s degree is considered more difficult than a regular master’s degree. It is customary to assume that the research thesis or project was completed to the level of excellence equivalent to a grade of honors 2A. Examiners’ reports shall be considered, even for assignments that were not graded; possess qualifications that, in the view of GRC, are considered to be equivalent to those required.
    • A candidate’s academic history, research output, and previous research experience are evaluated to determine whether or not they will receive a scholarship.

    Have not previously been recipients of a Postgraduate Research Award sponsored by either the Australian Government or Monash University for a period of more than six months.

Required Documents:

  • Academic curriculum vitae.
  • Documentation from the institution that awarded the degree, such as an official transcript of grades, the degree certificate, or a testimony (including an explanation of the grading schema).
  • Evidence of one’s citizenship.
  • Evidence that you are proficient enough in the English language to meet the requirements.
  • Request for Application Received
  • A suggestion for research.


The Authorized Website

Please visit the following official websites to learn more about the Monash University Scholarship and to submit an application:


How to Apply for Monash University Scholarship 2023?

Please follow the following application instructions to apply for this Scholarship:

  1. In order to be qualified for this scholarship, please submit your application in accordance with the following instructions:
    1. Before you will have to submit an application, you must first be extended an invitation to do so. In order to be considered for one, you will be required to submit an expression of interest and/or find a supervisor who is willing to supervise the research that you conduct. This varies from faculty to faculty and institute to institute.
    2. All of the online application’s sections are broken down and explained HERE.
    3. On the application form, you will need to indicate that you would like to be considered for a scholarship. It is not necessary to complete a separate application form at this time.
    4. You are automatically qualified for all graduate research scholarships; there is no need for you to mention which scholarship you are applying for as part of the application process (where eligible).



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